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OCTOBER 18 - 26, 2018

Together with Ace Camps I am going to Laos . This 8 day will offer you the opportunity to explore the techniques used in traditional Ikat weaving. Through a 3-day hands-on workshop with the local artisans women, we will learn about silk types, natural dye preparations, and how to wrap silk, which will render the pattern, followed by weaving your own Ikat piece on a large traditional loom.

Lotta Jansdotter will be teaching a 2 day workshop about color harmony. Color enriches and informs us, evokes and effects our feelings and emotions. The use of color can be a powerful tool not just in art, design, and advertising, but also in home decorating and personal style. A basic knowledge of color can strongly enhance any ones life, professional artist or not. Together we are going to explore a bit of this fascinating world of color and by doing simple, interesting, rewarding exercises and projects. To learn much more please click here.

This workshop is now sold out