My weekend in Palm Springs;

..Well, really it was "my Saturday" in Palm Springs, since my trip was cut short because of all the snow. I was meant to depart Thursday, but the flight got canceled, I was a bit peeved about it, but it is hard stay angry at the sky for a long time.

So, Friday I packed my tiny roller bag and took off, with a very good book as my company. I also got a lot of sketching done during my journey. I had been invited to teach some fabric stencil printing at a sewing workshop hosted by Heather Ross in Palm Springs CA - an offer very hard to resist. How can I say no to sun, warmth, creativity, Ace Hotel and a group of very nice people? I could not.

I arrived in the afternoon and was so amazed and taken away with that big, big sky, all those palm trees, the calm and yes, that light, that wonderful light that is in California. I had forgotten..I used to live in California, for 11 years…how could I forget?

Friday evening was filled with jolly conversation and meetings with lovely ladies who came to this event from all over the country (and abroad). We ate tacos, sipped wine and talked about what projects were to be made the next day.

On Saturday morning we set up a small printing studio in the courtyard of room 411. We stenciled cotton fabrics, played with motifs and colors. We printed swatches of fabric and explored how to create repeats. There were some real nice things that were made that day. Many of these printed fabric pieces were used in sewing projects: part of quilted bags and blankets and Adrianne made a lovely sun dress for her daughter out of the piece of fabric she printed with her hand cut stencil.

I enjoyed meeting new people, connecting with other creatives, sharing laughs, sewing tips and champagne in the hot tub and yeah, The Ace hotel is rather rad. It was such a lovely trip, like a real good, nutritious conditioner for my soul -needed that.

Definitely with worth the long trek. Thank you Heather!