Last week I was asked by the artist Nacho, in Stockholm, to collect some things for him: "Any "interesting paper or little thing" from the streets where you live? Any little piece of garbage is welcome. I'll appreciate"

Well, I was very happy to take on that assignment. It helped me to open my eyes, to really look and be open for those everyday things that I usually pass, that lay on the streets, that I usually think is trash.

These are some of the things I found..and read the list: it is GREAT; I love imagining what this person looks like who wrote this note, how do they live, what does he eat...I think it is a "he".

So, thank you Nacho, for making me look and discover, just a wee bit more.
If you want to know more about Nacho Tatjer's fabulous work,visit his website.
You can also see his crazy fun and most inspiring studio and work in my latest book "Open Studios"