One of my all-time favorite games as a wee one was "memory game" ... maybe not all that surprising considering it is a very visual game.
I now play memory game with my boy at home all the time and of course, he is much better at it than me. These days I feel like I should play memory games to keep my braincells active!... Ahhh, anyway...
August is also an avid drawer and at home we have piles and piles of his expressive creations. But there is always the question: what to do with all these wonderful drawings? Sure, we frame some of his sketches. But honestly, wall space is running out in our small apartment! So I started thinking: how else can we highlight and enjoy his many masterpieces?
Then I had this great idea... how about making a memory game, using August's hand-drawn designs! It would make for real great and personal gifts for his friends and our family members and be a sweet memory ( ha ha! ) for us to treasure.
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This idea-turned-project quickly became a team effort in our family. August did all of the art and I edited the final pieces, "art directing" the project. My husband, with his great patience, took care of production and printing with the online printing company, MOO.
It was a super fun project - yes a bit time consuming, but well worth it! We are so glad we did it. August is very proud and happy with his work... and so am I! Won't you try it with your kids?
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