It's here, it's here! We've finally received our own small inventory of Glimma bolts for the studio, which means there's a good chance you can also get it at a store near you!
One of our favorite things about the newest collection is that 3 of the patterns come in canvas, and in two colors each! Not that we don't love sewing quilts, curtains, and clothes, but the canvas makes it possible to create durable bags, rugs and simple upholstery.
So because it's spring and we're looking for ways to refresh the office, we set our sights on recovering an aging but practical and sweet stool. Through a combination of reverse engineering and stealth Googling, we quickly developed a game plan which we've loosely outlined below. And what a difference a small change can make - our studio is already feeling more springy!
You'll need:
Fabric Something to recover Iron Staple gun
1. Measure out the fabric. We took the diameter of the stool top and added a few inches all around - just enough to wrap around to the bottom. We didn't have a big enough compass so we fashioned one out of a pinned measuring tape, dragging a pencil around with it.
2. Iron your fabric and flip it so that the printed side is down. Place the stool upside down on top of the fabric, centered.
3. Stretch the fabric around to the bottom and staple. We started with four "corners," then worked on stretching and stapling the folds in between. Check the stool top from time to time to make sure the stretching hasn't distorted your fabric's pattern.
4. Turn over - you're done!
*We do not ship fabrics from our studio. To purchase Glimma,visit Windam's Glimma page and click on the pattern you are interested in. On the next page, above the swatch, there will be a link to a list of stores carrying that pattern.