In January I traveled to Palm Springs CA to teach a stenciling workshop at The Ace Hotel. I was invited  by my friend Heather Ross, who hosts fun and happy sewing workshops there. It is an invite that is very hard to turn down and it is my second time there.

This time around we encountered a new creative element: a hurricane like storm, real big, alot of force and will. At the time I was supposed to teach my workshop, 3 pm on Saturday, everybody was hunkered down in the hotel restaurant for safety and was not really allowed to go anywhere. We had no water and no electricity.

And this is when this rather brilliant medium, stenciling, proved to work out so , so well. Rather than continuing to stare into the wind and shrug our shoulders we simply took our brushes and our Pebeo fabric paints and started stenciling on fabric: right there on the restaurant tables and booths amidst key lime pie and burgers. Sure, it was a little snug and we had no running water, but we made it work..and these ladies created some wonderful and beautiful pieces in those few precious moments before the sun went down.

You simply do not need so many complicated supplies or have that much space in order to get started, stenciling is simply that easy ..and also really fun.

THANK YOU Jenny for taking such wonderful photos!