So, there are a few days left before Christmas and your holiday giving. I wanted to share some inspiration for a last minute project with you today: Stenciling your own gift wrap! Not only does it add plenty of flair and care, it also feels nice not to waste so much wrapping paper that most likely will end up in the bin. If you wrap things in fabric, that fabric wrap can be a gift in itself that can be useful and treasured even after the gift is opened.

And not to worry, stenciling is VERY easy and so much can do these projects in a matter of a couple of hours.

First I decided to print a graphic design on a napkin and wrap it japanese style.



You use a stencil brush or a sponge and simply push paint through your stencil.



You can easily create your own motif and patterns by cutting them out of acetate paper with an x-acto knife. You can also use simple cardboard for your stencil as well, but if you do that remember that you can not use it for a long time or many printings..the paper wont hold up to the pigment, it will get brittle and break, - but for one or two prints you can get away with a cardboard stencil.

I placed and stenciled my graphic design in a random order. I stenciled on a cotton napkin and I used some excellent fabric ink called Pebeo Setacolor Opaque. They have so many brilliant colors to choose from, but the one I used for this project was "Bengal Pink". It worked real well with the light gray, I thought.



Once your print is completely dry, make sure to heat set the ink with your iron: you simply iron the print for about 5 minutes, using the cotton setting on your iron..and Voila: your wrap is ready and can be used and washed over and over again. Fold the fabric and tie it in a "bow" ala Japanese wrapping could not be easier, or prettier... Such a fabulous gift in itself!



Then I decided to print on small little cotton drawstring bags (that you can find here >>>>). OR if you are a tad handy and have the time: you can sew simple cotton bags and tie them up with ribbon.



The bags are so cute, come in all kinds of sizes and you can print all over patterns or single motifs, use letters and monograms.  These bags are very useful after christmas: for trinkets, toys, makeup and special things. Have fun making ...and happy holidays!