It's almost Mother's Day and, silly us, we're a bit behind on our holiday preparations! So, today in the studio we decided to band together and make a few simple, but still very special, projects that you can easily finish between now and Sunday.
Laura Wunderli is our fantastic new intern, hailing from Canada (more from her soon!). She made a fabric covered card with the Tove pattern from Lotta's new Glimma collection. It can be put together in minutes and packs a sweet punch.
Fabric Covered Card You'll need: 1 piece of card stock Lotta Jansdotter fabric Fabric shears Multi-purpose adhesive spray or glue
1. Cut a piece of card stock to your desired size and fold in half. 2. Cut a piece of your favorite Lotta Jansdotter fabric slightly larger than your card stock. 3. Spray multi-purpose adhesive on your card stock and lay the fabric on top. Press down firmly and smooth. 4. Using fabric shears trim the edges of the fabric. Inside write a special note and hand off to Mom!
Studio Manager Laura Cooke and Social Media Manager Silka Glanzman tried their hands at stenciling some designs fromLotta's Stencil pack. Using Pebeo Inks, they transferred the designs onto store-bought dishtowels and napkins and ended up with functional, no-sew gifts.

Stenciled Kitchen Linens

You'll need:
Dishtowels or napkins from any home goods store. We used linens from Ikea and West Elm
A short-haired paintbrush or a kitchen sponge
An iron
1. Using masking tape, secure the corners of your chosen stencil to the fabric wherever you'd like the design to be.
2. Pour some of your ink onto a paper plate or palette. Dip your brush or sponge into the paint, soaking up just a little bit. (If you get too much on your brush or sponge, globs will sneak under the edges of the stencil.) 3. Using a light, tapping motion, paint over the stencil onto the fabric. If needed, untape the stencil and move it to the side to create a repeat. Let try for 20 minutes and lightly iron the front and back of the fabric with a dry iron on the cotton setting. Go over it a few times to make sure all the ink has been exposed to the heat.
4. Wash your stenciled items according to the fabric's directions before use.
P.S. Silka took two napkins and sewed them together for a super easy pillow case.

We hope these projects will give you a bit of last-minute inspiration! No matter how behind you are, there's always time to give something from the heart.