Lotta's block-print kerchief makes great gift wrap.

The sunshine yellow dotted print on Lotta's block print fabric collection of kerchiefs, scarves, and sarongs makes me think of summer, full of picnics and barbecues and impromptu gatherings with friends. And since one never arrives at a party empty-handed, I thought this cheerful fabric would be perfect for dressing up a host gift, furoshiki-style. (Furoshiki comes from Japan, where square wrapping cloths by this name have been used for hundreds of years to carry just about anything one might imagine.)
I wrapped up some cinnamon buns from Four & Twenty Blackbirds(yes, I am obsessed) using the square 26-inch kerchief size.
Align the box diagonally on the wrapping cloth.
First, I diagonally placed the box on the cloth.
Tie the first half-knot.
Then, I gathered two opposite ends into a half-knot.
Tie the remaining ends to complete the square knot.
Thread the remaining ends under the first half-knot, and knot them together in the same way. Because my ends were a bit long, I topped off the box with one, final half-knot. My gift wrap—a clever "extra" gift for my host—is complete. --Rebecca
Wrap up a host gift using Lotta's kerchiefs.