Here's a fun Q&A Lotta did for Tiny Prints about the new collection of holiday cards she designed for them. Enjoy!

We are thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of the Tiny Prints family, print designer, Lotta Jansdotter. Lotta’s cheerful and whimsical designs have come right in time for the 2012 holiday season! Read on to learn a bit about Lotta, the inspiration behind her designs and sneak a peek at her cute cards—then be sure to check out her exclusive collection for Tiny Prints.


How did you get started as a designer?

I moved to California in 1996 from Sweden. I was 20 and in search of “what to do when I grew up.” So I enrolled in community college in Santa Cruz and took a variety of classes from porcelain and drawing to jazz history, jewelry design and screen printing. And that screen printing really clicked with me. I loved the technical aspect of the class, that I could transfer my hand-drawn art to surfaces and the fact that I could print multiples of something. I realized I could print my designs on fabric. And i could sew pillows, table linens and bags out of them. So, I quit school and started my small company out of a basement closet.

I sold my hand-screened goods to design and interior shops all over. There were very little modern, clean and Scandinavian looking fabric items on the market at the time, and I fit a niche. My company grew quickly and expanded to Japan and across America.


How do you get into the spirit when designing for the holidays?

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t designed too much for holiday until now. The cards I created for Tiny Prints were one of the first, and I wanted to make a collection that felt happy, inspiring and creative, yet sophisticated and a bit non-traditional. As a textile designer I’m naturally attracted to patterns—and for these cards, I mixed and matched various patterns and colors together and incorporated textures from fabrics, which gave it a nice look.

It was really fun, and a bit challenging, to put together a collection that felt a little different, and at the same time didn’t feel too far removed from the sentiment of the holidays.

What will your holiday card look like this year?

I think I’ll use one of my Tiny Prints designs since it’s a new collaboration for me that I’m excited about. I want to useWinter Whorl and have me, my husband and our five year old in a nice shot—something fun and playful. I wonder if we can get the cat in there too somehow…


What’s your best advice for Tiny Prints shoppers as they search for the perfect design?

I really like the idea that the receiver will get a happy surprise in the mail when they open the envelope. Think about picking a card that pops out like a cheerful surprise. Maybe this is the year you pick a card that is a bit different than what you’re used to…be creative and stand out a tiny bit…with Tiny Prints!