I wanted to share a fun project with you today. I am having fun with decorating plates..using porcelain paints. In the past I have been painting images and motifs on with brushes, but recently I started exploring new ways. I love stenciling and usually I do that on fabrics, but why not try that technique on plates too? It turns out it works real well. It takes a little finagling and a wee bit of practice, but if you pick simple and straightforward motifs you will master this project in a jiffy.

This is what you need for your project:



Porcelain plates Stencil brushes and or sponges Masking tape Stencils, motifs and or letters. (you can also cut your own stencils: using acetate paper and an x-cto knife) x-cto knife Pebeo porcelain inks What to do :



1 .Start with cleaning off your plates properly and dry them well.

2. Take your stencil and place it on your plate, secure the stencil with masking tape. Since the plate is slightly curved and the stencil is flat, you will experience a little bit of movement of the stencil while you print. Be aware of this and simply press down the stencil while you are printing to help it lay flat on the plate.


3. You might find that after you print there is a slight smudge or jagged edge of your motif, perfectly normal! There is an easy trick for that: Once the inks has dried :use your x-cto knife and carefully scrape the "mistakes" away.



4) you can use letters ..that's fun.



5) Or why not simply use the masking tape as the design tool? I love anything striped! - And this is SUPER easy to do.



6. Once the plates are dry you need to heat set them, to make the inks permanent, in your oven at home. Make sure to follow the instructions on the packaging of your ink. After you have done that you can wash your plates in the dishwasher and use them in your microwave..rather splendid right ?

So you can make a stack of custom plates. You can create a lot of different motifs and patterns. I love when one mix and matches dishes. Very timely and festive for the holiday smorgasbord. Maybe stencil monograms for your guests and let them bring home the plate as a small gift?

This is where and get your supplies:


Pebeo Porcelain Inks:

They have a great and wide selection of wonderful colors and hues (some even sparkle) I love using these inks. Pebeo also have porcelain marker pens (Now, those pens are AMAZING). Find them here.



You can find some of my stenciles here and here. and here are some others that are fun!



As seen in the shots are available by the yard/meter here


All other supplies you can find in most well selected arts and craft supplies stores.


Good luck..and have fun !