Recently, we fell in love with a clever idea from HollyRocks(via Pinterest), who uses vintage mugs for container gardening. I just had to try out her technique with the Lotta Jansdotter mugs, found exclusively in our Brooklyn shop. (These bone china mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, so they also work great for coffee...)


I brought the mugs over to the nearby gardening store Dig Gardens, where owner Maggie Morris placed river stones at the bottom of each mug for drainage. Plants in small containers, such as mugs, need just a sip of water to keep them happy. Then, we simply popped in the basil, lemon thyme, and rosemary plants. Ta-dah! A perfect windowsill herb garden.



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Happy planting—Rebecca


Lotta's Dolle mug awaits a rosemary plant.


Place river stones at the bottom of the mugs to help the soil drain.


Maggie settles the thyme into its new home—Lotta's Juste mug.