The Lotta Jansdotter studio is a great place to entertain, and we always look forward to any excuse to make some treats and chat over coffee. Often, our couch is the centerpiece of these gatherings and for a while now we've wanted to spruce, and soften up, the industrial coffee table that sits next to it.


Luckily, samples of our upcoming Glimma collection with Windham Fabrics (launching in April!) just arrived and we were instantly inspired to make an oversized placemat to lay on top. It was a super easy and fun project for an afternoon, so we thought we'd write up some simple directions to guide you through making your own. Of course not everyone has our table, but the following directions could work just as well for table runners and standard placemats.




1. Measure the space you'd like to cover. Our table is 18" x 24", placemats are often 12" x 18" and table runners are one third of the width of your table and 1 foot longer.


2. Calculate the final size, accounting for a ¼" seam allowance on all sides – in our case the final size was 18.5" x 24.5". Iron, measure and mark your fabric and cut out two rectangles. (We like to fold the fabric over before cutting so we only have to do it once.)




3. Line up the edges of the two pieces of fabric, with right sides together. Sew around the border, ¼" from the edge, leaving a 3" – 5" gap depending on the thickness of your fabric.


4. Turn right side out through the gap and iron your edges flat. Turn the seam allowance under at the gap, iron and pin closed with edges carefully aligned.




5. Top-stitch around the border of the placemat, just shy of ¼" from the edge. And you're done!




This afternoon we enjoyed Lotta's yummy Cardamom Cake on our new and improved coffee table! We will be posting the recipe next so check back soon!