On an April afternoon me and my studio manager Nerissa were invited by the splendid Michael Harlan Turkell to be guests on the Heritage Radio Network. We spent half an hour chatting with Michael about food, designs, and more food. It was real fun, a bit silly and a real treat to be invited...(well the actual treat came moments later when we got to stuff ourselves with marvelous pizza). The radio station is housed in a green shed in the backyard of the brilliant restaurant Roberta's (my current favorite actually).

Michael is one of those people who seems to be doing everything and knowing everybody. He works so hard but with seemingly such ease. I cannot keep track of everything he does...cook foods for articles and parties, writes reviews, he is the photo editor for the Edible Brooklyn and Manhattan editions and a book photographer and radio host! He is also the nicest person, such a dear one, who has supported me and what I do since I moved here to Brooklyn. Yeah M ! Thanks for having us ... here is a link to the show