I love our new collection of block print fabrics from India—especially the larger sarongs. I grew up in Australia and Bali, and so sarongs were a big part of my childhood. I pretty much wore a sarong and bathers (a swimsuit) all day! I still love the versatility a sarong brings—from skirt, dress, or scarf, to beach towel or picnic blanket.
I learned how to tie a sarong many ways, but the traditional way might just be my favorite. It's super-easy to tie—just wrap, knot, and go.
Hold one corner of the sarong while you wrap it tightly around yourself, bringing the two end corners together. You want the final wrap across the front of the body, so just adjust the sarong if needed.
Tie a square knot with the two end corners.
If you want to get fancy, consider adding a decorative brooch at the hip. I sometimes play in Gamelan Dharma Swara, a Balinese orchestra here in New York, and that's how we wear our sarongs when we perform. But, I think sarongs look just as nice tied with simple square knots.
Now, I just need to decide which of Lotta's patterns I will take with me on a return trip to Bali this summer. (I'll be working on a series of songs that combine my jazz background with traditional Balinese music and folklore!) Perhaps I will take all of them… --Nerissa