A really fun and rather personal table setting for holiday entertaining can be to stencil your guest's names on the table runner. It is cute and it is sure to get some comments and questions.

This is how you can do it :

- Start with writing the name on regular paper to make sure you get it right. - Transfer the name onto acetate paper with a permanent marker pen. make sure that your design is not too detailed or thin.. it can get rather frustrating. - The you use a sharp cutter and cut out your name..


Now, you might notice that letters like "o" and "a" will get tricky.. You will lose the "inside" of those letters..  -what we call an "islands" by the fact that you cut them away. I solve that by cutting out the island shapes in painters tape and block out those areas, like this:



It is also good to tape down your stencil to make sure that it stays in place when you print. I use a stencil brush and fabric ink from Pebeo. Please use very little ink, don't  blob it on all at once.. it will get messy and will result in a bad print.


And when the design is dry you can peel off your island, heat set your design (read the instructions on your ink bottle) by ironing it and after that your are ready to serve!

BLOG_2012_12-6-5 You can of course stencil on other things too, like kitchen towels -now that makes for a great gift. Or, maybe use them for place settings instead?



I printed on cotton runners and towels from Fishs Eddy. The blue, floral porcelain plate is also my design and you can also find that at Fishs Eddy.

My favorite fabric ink to use is by Pebeo. It prints really easy and they have so many wonderful colors to choose in between... shimmers and neon colors too! Best place to buy them is here.

All other art materials can be bought in any well selected art supply store.

See, that was rather easy right?

Have fun and a real lovely Holiday Season!