Last week I went to Nashville... yes, lucky me! I had a product development meeting planned for all day Thursday (which went real well!) and then a few hours in the evening for exploring. It was a rather short time there, but I do feel like I soaked up as much as I could.

After a rather wonky cab ride we made it to Pharmacy, which has the most delicious burgers. A good, local, very mellow, and friendly place. We enjoyed the warm and balmy evening with a Kölsch beer and I also got to try my first tater tots ever. They were REMARKABLE! Boy, I'm happy I did that... salty, little lovely tots.

Me and my agent Laura had a few more hours to spend and I was hell bent on seeing some "honky-tonk." We found Robert's down town, a classic joint where we were entertained by Sarah Gayle Meech, chatted a few some locals and had a few twirls to some Patsy Cline classics.





I was so sad to miss a visit to the famous Hatch Show Print, since it was closed for the evening. BUT! Imagine, the next morning our flight was delayed one hour, which made it possible for me not only to eat fried green tomatoes (another first!) but also to run into that wonderful print shop for 5 minutes. Hatch Show Print is a must visit for anybody who loves surface and print design - an iconic place that has created concert posters since 1875! I walked away with a - you guessed it - a Patsy Cline poster!




And yes, I almost did buy a cowboy boot mug... almost... Thank you, Nashville! I had a great time and I will definitely be back!