BLOG_2013_7-1-11It's been a privilege to be interning here at the Lotta Jansdotter studio. What a perfect place to get inspired creatively and to get a feel for how things run around here. I met some wonderful people during these two months and it seems like there was always someone new popping into the studio that I could meet and learn from. And what a great studio space; I have enjoyed the beauty of the studio and having such a great work environment. Most importantly, I have learned so much from Lotta! She has such a wealth of experience and knowledge and it's been a great opportunity to tap into some of that.
Part of what I've worked on during these two months is a collaboration with six makers on Etsy. They have agreed to make their products with Lotta Jansdotter fabrics, which will then be sold in the shop here in Brooklyn (more on that soon!). Its been a privilege to work with these wonderful makers- I feel inspired to sew and create more. Maybe you will too? We can definitely look forward to seeing their beautiful items this summer and stay tuned for more on those collaborations!
 - Laura