Back in February I visited my oldest and bestest friend Maria in her new studio in Stockholm Sweden. We took our boys with us, along with some coffee and pastries. She decided to paint the walls a warm orange in her new space, just like a nice buddha color you know.."makes me happy ".  Maria is an illustrator and she has been drawing characters for as long as I have known her (33 years !!!!!!!! - what?) and she is real good at it.



Right now she is experimenting with paper mache plates and adding "gubbar" to them. Gubbar is swedish slang..and it means "old men"...kinda.. (there are old ladies as well "gummor").



She is planning an exhibition. Ah, does that mean I have to wait? I want one of those plates NOW!

To learn more about what Maria can do and has done go here

Oh yes..if you go..when you go, to visit Sweden: make sure to eat a "choklad boll"

MUCH better than it looks! Promise.