Hello All!


My name is Sarah-Briley and I'm the new intern here at Lotta Jansdotter's studio. Hailing from Tallahassee, FL, I am a current student in my final year at the Fashion Institute of Technology where I'm pursuing a Bachelors degree in Textile/Surface design. I've grown up in a home of crafty and artistic individuals with a grandmother who was an award winning homemaker, a mother who taught me to crochet and sew, and sisters who each got into different areas of the art world. Ever since I can remember I've been creating products and designs, making getting into my current degree a no brainer.


I'm here to fill you in on the happenings here at Lotta's studio. So get ready for some great photos and the inside scoop on what's being created here in Brooklyn.


To start, a lot has been happening in the last few weeks here at the studio! It's extremely exciting to get to start on a few new projects with Lotta, seeing what all goes into creating a collection and her creative process behind each one. Currently we are in the beginning stages of a rug line where we'll be collaborating with a company to create rugs and accessories that you'll be able to decorate your home with in the near future!


We started out the project scouring through books of amazing hand drawn artwork Lotta has created over time and seeing what we believe would work best as a rug and perhaps accessories. We've narrowed it down and through that, along with speaking with the company we're working with, we have come up with several great designs to create into rugs!



Today I walked in to see the final designs we put into scale printed out to see exactly how they would look in actual size. Seeing the designs printed out versus on the computer makes a big difference in deciding what works and what we may need to change.


It's a great experience so far to get to work with Lotta because she's a textile artist who still works with her hands and not too often with the computer. Something you don't find in the industry nowadays as much as you would think. Her hands on approach gives each piece of her work and designs a feel and look you can't get from this digital age.


It's also fun to see her process and see the whole behind-the-scenes of how she works. Which is what I'm going to be sharing with you, so stay tuned everyone for this and other projects to come !--Sarah