We are so lucky to have such fantastic interns at Lotta Jansdotter – really creative, interesting and motivated people from all backgrounds - who add to the atmosphere here in our lively Brooklyn studio. Today and tomorrow we'll be introducing our current interns, Maja and Coral, who have created some beautiful projects with our scrap bags.


As you may know, our popular scrap bags went on sale this Friday and sold out almost immediately! Whether you were able to snag one or have a great collection of scraps in your own studio, we know you'll be these wonderful projects


If you weren't able to get your hands on a scrap bag, you're in luck because we saved just a few to give away! Find out more on our Facebook Page!


Here's Maja:




Hi, everyone!


I’m Maja, one of the new interns at Lotta Jansdotter’s studio. Every other week, I trek all the way from Pennsylvania to learn and work in this stimulating, creative, and fun environment. When not at Lotta’s, I run a textile design and production shop for artists and craftsmen with developmental disabilities at Camphill Soltane. I’m privileged to work with an amazing group of talented individuals who design, hand-weave, screen-print, and sew our products in a supportive and collaborative environment. You can check us out!


I came to Lotta’s to learn about product development, marketing, and networking – skills I hope to use to take my shop to the next level. I’m so grateful to be here and to learn from such a talented designer like Lotta, who is incredibly warm, insightful, and always eager to share from her experience!


A couple of weeks ago, I got to take home one of Lotta’s awesome scrap bags. I had so much fun coming up with all kinds of things to make! I settled on a 12-flag double-sided banner, a coin purse, three bow ties, and plenty of little of pin buttons. Today, I’d like to share with you step-by-step instructions for the bow tie. I looked up many instructions online, before settling on one from, which I adapted slightly to my liking.


Scrap Bag Bowtie


Bow ties can be made in many sizes. I chose to make mine approximately 4” x 1.5” – a size that works for adults and older children. For a bow tie this size, you need two pieces of fabric and two pieces of interfacing for the leaves—all of which should measure 8” x 3”--and one 3” x 3.5” piece of fabric for the center band.


1. Cut out all five pieces and attach the interfacing to the leaf pieces by ironing them briefly.


2. Mark the center of the leaf and fold both sides toward the center. Repeat with the second leaf.




3. You will need to make two buttonholes for the clip arms on ONE of the leaf pieces. Mark your buttonholes 3/8” from the center fold and make them 3/8” long.


4. Sew buttonholes. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can simply cut two slits instead.




5. Pin and sew the top and bottom of the bow-tie leaves. Cut off the corners and turn right side out. Carefully use the tip of your scissors to push out the corners. Iron flat. Do the same with the second leaf.


6. Insert the clip through the two holes. Flatten and center the clip. Hand-sew the clip arms to the leaf through the clip armholes.


7. Stack the two leaves and pinch the center together. It might take a few tries until you get the creases just right. Wrap a piece of sewing thread around the center and tie the ends.




Steps 8-11 describe sewing the center band. (Instead of sewing, you can also make the center band by folding both long edges in 1/2”, ironing them flat and folding those folded edges again toward the center, so that they slightly overlap. The finished band should be approximately 7/8” wide.)


8. Fold the center band piece along the longer side as shown in the picture. Sew a seam 3/” from the folded edge. The wider seam allowance should measure approximately 1/2”, the narrower 1/4”.


9. Iron the seam allowance apart. This will be really helpful when it’s time to turn the band right side out.


10. Turn the band right side out. This is a slow and rather annoying process, helped along a little by longer fingernails that can tug and pull at the fabric bit by bit, until it is turned completely.


11. Iron the center band flat positioning the seam on one side. Fold one short end 3/8” and press.


12. Wrap the center band tightly around the bow tie. Hand-sew the folded edge to the band.


13. Adjust the creases and your bow tie is ready for use!






The possibilities are endless! Here are a few more ways to use our scrap bags: