Hello Everyone,
My name is Coral Rosenblat and I am the new intern at Lotta Jansdotter’s studio. I was fortunate enough to be placed at this amazing internship through my school, The Fashion Institute of Technology, where I am completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Textile and Surface Design. Although my last semester is getting crazy with my senior show coming up and tons of projects to complete, I love my time at Lotta’s studio as it always gets my creative juices flowing. I have always loved the craft aesthetic and have tried to use it in my surface design. Being able to see how Lotta works and puts things together really has opened my eyes and I am so excited to be here.
Several weeks ago, Lotta gave me one of her scrap bags to create something fun with. The first thing I thought of was shoes! Fun, summery espadrilles because like everybody, I am already over winter and am eager for spring to arrive. Here is a quick how-to for you to make your very own espadrilles...
Scrap Bag Espadrilles
+ Lotta Jansdotter scrap bag
+ A pair of canvas shoes
+ Roll of jute rope
+ Scissors
+ Fabric glue
+ Hot glue gun
1. Start by gluing cut fabric pieces as your please on top of your canvas shoes using the fabric glue. Trim as necessary with your scissors.
2. Once you are done gluing the fabric down to your shoes, you may decorate your shoes further by hot gluing jute rope on top of any seam lines.
3. Braid about 4 feet of jute rope for the bottom of the shoe.
4. Hot glue the braided jute around the sole of your shoes to give them a fresh espadrille look!