Hi There!


I'm J.J. (Jessica June), the new intern at Lotta's Studio. I'm thrilled to be here since Lotta's work was my first window into textile design and ultimately inspired me to follow a path into the field. I'm now entering my final semester in the Textile & Surface Design program at the Fashion Institute of Technology!
    Painting and making art has always been my passion, but like many artists, I've struggled with how to apply it in the "real world." After graduating college with degrees in Art History and Studio Art, I moved to San Francisco and got a job at Chronicle Books in the Sales Department. The Chronicle office was a feast to my eyes, with gorgeous design books piled high on every desk and a book room full of treasures to browse. I quickly discovered and fell in love with Lotta's beautiful books and stationery. I outfitted my desk with Lotta's File Collection, organized my papers with Lotta's Labels and Stickers, and sent my friends cards from Lotta's Notecard Set. Needless to say, I was a fan.
Some of the books that inspired me while at Chronicle!
As I learned more about Lotta and her story, I was excited by the possibilities of textile and surface design as a path for a fine artist like me. When I moved to New York, I discovered the Textile program at FIT and immediately applied. I have loved it so far - it's hard not to love drawing, painting, screenprinting and weaving all day!
     Being able to intern for Lotta, who inspired me in a such a big way, during winter break has felt like a wonderful full circle to my journey. It is so much fun to help out in her studio, which is warm, filled with light, and covered with her stunning fabric, dishware, and other amazing products. Since I have been here we have organized her archives, brainstormed the layout for her new website, and made the ever popular scrap bags. I have learned so much already, and I look forward to following all of Lotta's exciting partnerships upcoming this Spring!
We had so much fun putting together these popular scrap bags!