A little while ago we told you about one of our favorite new projects: a Lotta Jansdotter collaboration with six talented designers and makers. Today we are introducing the first of those makers: Kate Williams Designs. Kate is an inventive mother of two who has been selling her wares since 2008. She started creating baby items after shopping for her own kids and feeling like there was a hole in the market for super-cool products. Now she makes crayon and chalk rolls that are so popular they've been featured on The Today Show! We also thought her crayon rolls were just the sweetest, so when she jumped on board for this project we were thrilled.
Our collection with Kate Williams Designs includes three crayon rolls in Lotta Jansdotter fabric. They hold a spectrum of eight crayons and are the perfect size for tucking into a car seat pocket, a beach bag or a picnic basket — and they are just the right size for little hands. The rolls are available right here and now in our Brooklyn Work + Shop for $12.