Confession: We're serious magazine hoarders. We have back issues of Martha Stewart Living stacked high throughout the studio along with Elle DecorSelvedge, tons of Japanese fashion publications and a whole wall of binders stuffed with a decade's worth of clippings.
Adding to our already healthy obsession is the amazing selection of beautiful, short-run collectable publications like Kinfolk, Gather Journal and, our favorite, Sweet Paul. So you can imagine our excitement when writer, editor and publisher Paul Lowe contacted us to express his love for our recently launched collection with Fishs Eddy. He said he justhad to feature the collection and we gleefully opened our studio and sketchbooks for him.
So, after much anticipation, the spring issue of Sweet Paul is now available! We're so happy about the article, especially the way he allowed us to focus on the back-and-forth of a design collaboration, from a chance meeting at a workshop to picking out final shapes and colors. You can read the full article here but we suggest you splurge on a print copy as well. We know we'll be hoarding a few!
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