....well, at least a big part of it !

Last week I went back to visit, to retrieve some of it back. Had a most wonderful weekend, filled with sun, fresh air and that glorious, fantastic food that I miss so much ! I used to live in San Francisco for 8 years and I was over due to visit some of my most favorite places :

I was up bright and early on Saturday morning...my jet lag motivated/helped me to go out on the streets and to see Hayes Valley wake up. Also what helps waking up is the most delicious coffee there is..Blue Bottle Coffee is housed in a garage in a small alley. A great spot for people watching. The cookie did not hurt either.



One of my favorite shops in SF ( Modern Appealing Clothing ) was not open at 7:15 am on a Saturday......



We went hiking in Point Reyes ( gorgeous !!) for 3 hours, and after that sort of work we definitely had earned a pile of oysters, Humboldt fog cheese and sparkly wine. The afternoon was spent at Hog island Oyster company....a real old favorite spot of mine. We were surrounded by so many good friends who had brought the most delicious food. I can not think of a more wonderful way to spend my time.



Before it was time to go back home to Brooklyn I had to make sure to visit "Tartine". Yes, this bakery is jammed packed on weekends and the lines take forever, but my friends: it is SO worth it! Everything that they make there is so wonderful. We took all of our savories and sweets with us to the nearby Dolores Park.



Of course all the people that work there are pretty and sweet as well...just look at this cute outfit and necklace.



There was also time left to go to nearby "Bi-Rite " to get some rather super tasty corn chips and sandwiches for the airplane ride . Oh, and look at this..THIS is one of the main reasons I miss Sf, look at these wonderful farm fresh vegetables.



and of course, I had to bring some California flowers with me home!



THANK YOU San Francisco..the love is still there !!