Writing blogs and columns is definitely not a new thing to me, I have shared tidbits and many of my stories on my old website, in many magazines and as a guest blogger for several different design and lifestyle blogs.  Today I have taken the step to have a “real blog” - my own ledger here on my new website, and it does feel different.

Creating this ledger does feel like a start of something new for me in many ways, like starting a new chapter in the very thick book called “Lotta Jansdotter”. It feels good, feels very “official”, feels exciting, and a tad intimidating…but mostly good.

What I intend to do here is to share my inspirations, record my travels, notions, my work, my questions, jot down my process and ideas and my “everyday“ activities. It will be a day book filled with my notes of inspiration and meanderings..

I also hope to learn from writing this ledger. I think the whole regular process will allow me to focus (let's hope) on certain things, help me to discover new aspects of my work and gain new inspiration.

There is one thing: please do keep in mind that English is indeed my second language, and grammer is a weakness of mine (I cheated my way though the grammer lessons in high school). I tend to come up with words that might not exist or make little sense, I might spell something wrong or say something a tad wonky - can you bear with me on this? I opt go go for “wonky” and keep true to my own voice rather than having a ghostwriter take my place on this blog. So; Thank you, for understanding.


Well. So here I am, ready to go and ready to blog!

Thank you for checking in and for reading.

Do feel free to contact me with your thoughts, ideas, questions or suggestions. I have an idle ear and I am very curious