August and I met up with Paulina, my sweetest niece, for a fika at "Bagarstugan" last week. Bagarstugan is a lovely cafe and lunch place, probably my favorite cafe' on Åland. I have spent many hours in this place through the years; eating, sketching and more eating. The baked goods here are amazing, handcrafted and made with lot's of love.



I really liked this candelabra that is made out of stringed dried rönnbär berries and dried wheat. Now is that a masterpiece in patience or what ? there a way to lend that idea and make something a tad bit more simple? -Have to think about that one a bit.



I decided to eat a "Fettisdagsbulle", and it was so incredible, did not disappoint. A sweet simple bun, with flavors of fresh cardemom, filled with almond paste and a ton of whipped cream. How can this not be good? This is a very seasonal pastry, made right before easter, the last festive food before Lent, well that is the old tradition, now we just eat them because they are so darn delicious. They are also called "semla" or "fastlagsbulle". We find many names for those we love I guess. And now you can make them too. Please find recipe below. Have a great weekend!