A freshly backed treat from Lotta's book, Handmade Living.

When I first started working with Lotta in 2006, I asked so many questions about Scandinavia. My only experience of the region was with some Danes I worked for in Scotland--who were amazing chefs and introduced me to the world of gastronomy (along with rapid weight gain!). But of course, I knew it wasn’t quite the same, so I was excited to find out from Lotta more about her heritage.

Of the many wonders, I am absolutely enamored by fika. Fika, for those of you who don’t know, is essentially a coffee break, with food. It can be pastries of some sort or, in our case lately, cinnamon buns. I don’t know what it is about fika that I love so much...isn't it surely the same as the Australian morning tea I grew up with? But, there is something different to it, something more leisurely and habitual. The fact that it is somewhat of a social institution in Sweden fascinates me. I love things like that, and often wish I lived somewhere where a siesta was taken, especially after a leisurely fika!

Lotta and I have been splitting a cinnamon bun almost daily for the last few weeks from Four & Twenty Blackbirds. They are our neighbors, which is great luck because their pies and pastries are amazing. I thoroughly recommend a visit if you can get to Brooklyn. And if not, Lotta has her own Cinnamon Buns recipe that she is happy to share with everyone. It is from her book, Handmade Living, and I thoroughly recommend them from experience also. Enjoy your fika everyone! —Nerissa


Cinnamon Buns recipe Handmade Living


Cinnamon Buns recipe Handmade LivingCinnamon Buns recipe Handmade Living