Arite, FINALLY here is a big batch of my Fabric Scrap Bags!Thank you so much for waiting!

Each bag is filled with cotton and linen scraps, leftovers from production and sampling here at the Lotta Jansdotter studio. We make sure to include a variety of colors and patterns in each bag and no two bags are alike. The scraps make for a 24" x 36" area... an exciting bag of inspiring bits and bobs!

This time around we made sure to stock up quite a bit on these but they do sell out rather swiftly, so don't wait too long to place your order.

There is a flat Shipping & Handling fee of $8 for all shipments within the US. We ship Priority Mail with the US Postal Service.
Recently the shipping rates with the US Postal Service have gone up a great deal, especially for international shipping. Actually, it is REAL expensive to ship abroad and we are very sorry about that, but it is out of our control. If you do order a scrap bag from overseas (even from Canada) it will cost you $26 to ship, and there will be NO tracking of the package. If a package gets lost in transit we cannot be responsible for it, we cannot replace the goods. It may sound mean, but it is simply too hard for us to work around the US Postal System. Order at your own risk, kind of... :(

Well, without further ado... you can order your bags here:

ALL SCRAP BAGS ARE NOW SOLD OUT! That was quick, guys. Whew!If you were unable to place your order before now, we have another scrap bag sale planned for the fall. Please keep an eye out on our blog, our Facebook page, and our newsletter for more details when the time arrives.