Del Re's Grinding Truck, at long last!
Yesterday afternoon brought a big surprise that really made our day, maybe even our week! Just as we were all packing up to leave the studio, we heard a bright bell ringing from the street outside. First, we thought it was the Mr. Softie ice cream truck - which would have been pretty great, let's be honest! But when we took a look out the window, instead we saw the Del Re's Grinding truck rolling past! Well we all just jumped out of our chairs and starting running after the truck as it traveled down 8th street and luckily the truck stopped and out jumped Dominic, third-generation blade sharpener! And true to his reputation, Dominic spiffed up our dulled scissors just like new (better than new, if you go by his account!)! What a great time!
Lotta has been waiting for Dominic to drive by for some time. Occasionally she'll hear his truck's ringing call throughout the neighborhood but she's never been at the ready with her scissors… until now! It was such a pleasure to get a chance to speak with a real craftsman - a real slice of old Brooklyn - who truly loves and has perfected his skill. We drilled Dominic about where he was raised, how and why he got into the grinding business, and when and where we could see him and his red truck again. Then, we invited him back to the studio for a tour, a glass of lemonade and to show off Lotta's vintage scissor collection!
While Dominic was quite camera shy, we managed to sneak a few pictures anyway! We just couldn't help ourselves! For more on Del Re's grinding truck, check out this article in the New York Times!
Those are our scissors!
Dominic's iconic red truck
Lotta's scissor collection (Photo by Jenny Hallengren)
Good as new!