Excuse my hiatus everyone! Intern Sarah here. It's been crazy here in Brooklyn the past few weeks, with the devastation of hurricane Sandy and trying to get back to normalcy in the city. Luckily we were fortunate here at Lotta's studio to not face any set backs allowing us to continue business as usual.

Lotta just got back recently from her trip to Japan (bringing some amazing goodies back with her) and is getting back on track with all the licensing projects we have going on. This week we've started the process on a new project we have in the works creating dishware and other goods for a company we hope you'll enjoy in the upcoming months! We went through the books of artwork again and have pulled out several designs to show a rep who, as I'm writing you this, is working with Lotta to brainstorm ideas and collaborate on where we should go in terms of products and design. It's great to see how hands on Lotta is with all her projects!

It's crazy busy around here, and next week I'll be off for the holidays back to sunny Florida, so I'll wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving now! Hope the holidays treat you well and look forward to updating you in the next few weeks on how everything is progressing.--Sarah