Hej på er kära vänner.
It has been a rather nutty past few months here in my Brooklyn studio. I have been juggling so many different projects at the same time, I sometimes feel like I might go bonkers. I cannot find the print-outs I just made, or I misplace my Pantone book under piles of paper samples, and then I make a cup of tea that I quickly forget about and rediscover, cold, 3 hours later... you know... things like that. But in the end it's all good, a really creative process and a chaos I seem to thrive in.
Currently my studio is completely over run with hand-tufted wool rug samples in all kinds of colors and patterns. I am making some slight adjustments of scale to a few designs, but over all I am rather proud of and happy about this beautiful collection. Such wonderful materials and gorgeous colors! This is a collaboration with the company Surya and we are so excited to launch the collection come fall 2013.
I am also designing canvas bags... finally! I have spent many years making totes out of gorgeous linen, with all kinds of patterns and colors, and I will probably always keep making those. But working with heavy duty canvas simply allows for cooler and more useful bag shapes. At the moment I am deciding patterns and colors, and in August I will introduce them to you!
So many of you have asked for Lotta Jansdotter sewing patterns and I am happy to let you know that they are indeed on the way. I have teamed up with Amy at "Indygo Junction" and in October 2013 we will introduce them in Houston. Most of the patterns are for apparel but we all really love bags, so you will find some patterns for them too!
And yes, Bespoke Letterpress printed wedding invitations are also on their way! They will be available this spring and I could not be happier about it! I will share lots more details about that in a couple of weeks.
Have a most brilliant weekend!