A hint of summer came yesterday to Brooklyn. I have a small balcony( the size of a stamp really), but at least I DO

have a little space where I am so happy that I can plant some herbs and flowers and where we can grill  on those warm, balmy summer evenings (that I really long for now).


In any case, I got some Tiarella, Lady's Mantle and some Thyme into the containers yesterday. I also worked on my column that I do for a japanese magazine called Giorni. Giorni is a quarterly lifestyle magazine and it is a true pleasure to work with them. I share my ideas and everyday inspiration with the readers, and yesterday I was supposed to create a "summer table setting".



So, summer means fresh berries to me..and I often reminisce about those very delicious summer cakes I had as a kid back home on Åland : White sponge cakes, soaked with mashed fresh strawberries, and then layered and covered with tons of whipped cream = "Jordgubbstårta". It is not particularly tricky to make a cake like that...but for this article I did a 3 second version of it: Take short bread, cover it with with fresh whipped cream and pour over fresh berries. Delicious.



In this table setting I also included my adorned teacups. I love how easy it is to take some plain porcelain teacups, mugs and plates (I find mine at Ikea, West Elm and flea markets). I also like to keep my designs rather simple. First of all I like how it looks, but also keeping the designs simple makes it so much easier projects to make and complete successfully.


Make sure to clean your porcelain well before starting. Then you simply paint or draw on your design. When you are done,  let them dry for a good 24 hours, then you heat set your designs by "cooking" them in a regular oven. 150 degrees celsius (300 degrees Fahrenheit ) for 35 minutes. After you have done that you can safely use it with food, use it in the microwave and dishwasher. I love using Pebeo's pigments and inks. They are good quality, easy to use and they have really fun colors to choose from. How about some cups and saucers for a mother days gift ?

This is where you can find Pebeo Porcelaine 150 inks and pens: markers paints HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND LOTTA