A new year and wonderful adventures await! I do feel like things are off to a wonderful start over here at Lotta Jansdotter studio.


For starters I have a delightful team: Laura, Sara, Nerissa, Silka, Maja, Abby and Coral help me with most everything. Not only with all the never-ending paperwork, import tariffs, energy bills and sample making, but they also enlighten me about new apps and music I have never heard of. They help me stay focused when I go off on tangents, keep the taxman happy and make sure that all my designs get into a computer. These ladies also share so much laughter and warmth and it makes me so happy that this is really how and where I get to work.


In the next few weeks there are so many NEW products launching: new designs for my soy wax candle collection and also a brand new collection of melamine products! It was such a fun project and I will make sure to keep you posted on where and when you can find it.




My third collection created with Windham Fabrics, called "Glimma," will be in stores near you come April. Hippettehop...I can not wait to see what YOU make out of these fabrics!




I am also teaching workshops in my Brooklyn studio and we just posted some new spring dates that are not yet sold out. Nab your spot by clicking here!


AND I am besides myself to be able to share with you that I am going to travel to India next fall!! AND I will be teaching a workshop there, in Jaipur! YES! Let's go to block printing heaven together, where we can create fabric designs galore!!!! More on this soon when I have firmed up the details. This trip is beyond exciting!




Lotta Jansdotter wool rugs are on the way, so are baby carriers, more porcelain ware and new paper goods. A new website is in the works and a Lotta Jansdotter app, sewing patterns and more books. We are also busy creating a new batch of scrap bags for you and planning fun events in the studio. It is going to be a FUN spring!


Woah! It is really a good start to the year and I am very fortunate to be on this remarkable journey! Thank YOU for being part of it and for your support. Now, I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about the new year, what projects and products inspire you. Drop me anemail or connect on Facebook. Tusen Tack Ha det gott !