I wanted to share with you a really great experience I had this fall.
Back in September me and my family packed up the rental car with snacks, bathing suits and a lot of art supplies and took off on a small road trip. We departed New York City and headed up to New Hampshire--to Squam Lake to be more exact. I was going to take a workshop that took place right by a wonderful lake, in the middle of the woods, and I was real excited to go. After a 6-hour drive we arrived and, WOW, what a gorgeous place!






I am a very experienced screen printer and have printed many, many fabric bags, pillows and runners in the past. Screen printing can also be rather technical and involve a lot of expensive supplies and tools and a proper set up with big sinks. The workshop I was taking here at Squam was a very simple screen printing class. I was curious about this workshop: fun to see how one can simplify the screen printing process, using cost effective materials. The workshop was taught by Miss Heather Moore, a fellow textile designer coming all the way from South Africa to share her skills (and a most lovely lady I might add.)
This is what we did:
(All materials can be bought in well selected craft stores.)
We stretched organza fabric over some simple embroidery hoops. We used double stick tape to attach the organza to the inner hoop and then added the second hoop around it and screwed it tight.




Then you attach a stencil of your liking to the back of the screen with some painters tape. The stencil design can be cut out of clear acetate paper.


I used a rubber screen printing squeege to print with, but Heather showed us that you can also use an old credit card to print with (told you it was cost effective!).
I had a lot of fun playing around with creating a multi-color print...using all kinds of lovely Pebeo Setacolor inks that work really well for this project. I prefer to print on 100% cotton or Linen fabric, which I feel takes the color best.


Adding that real bright, neon yellow was a super nice addition. I simply love the range of colors that you have with Setacolor--you can find muted, natural colors, shimmers, some gorgeous solids and also neon. The variations and possibilities are endless.
Two things to remember when printing on fabric: make sure you pre-wash and iron your fabric before you print on them. When you are done printing and the ink is completely dry, dont forget to heat set the ink by following the instructions on the packaging.


I had a wonderful time in this workshop, it was so fun to play with these mini screens and make editions of small prints. Exploring colors and shapes in a most wonderful environment with some real talented and nice people. Thank You Heather !
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