Every Saturday I go to ceramics class and make things, a lot of different kind of things.

It is therapy for me really.

This past Saturday was particularly dreamy, I made 12 porcelain mugs for our cabin we are going to build in Scandinavia. Which is absolutely crazy in a way (my husband REALLY thinks I am crazy), since we don't have plans to build until summer 2012! But I cannot tell you how much I loved the process of sitting by this wheel, ever so slowly shaping one mug after another, imagining our house by the water. Dreaming about it...Imagining the shelves there filled with handmade mugs and bowls..imagining my morning cup of coffee on the cliffs by the water , imagining having hot chocolate with my boy in the cabin on the dark rainy evenings, imagining having uncle Jerker over for a cup of tea. it made me so truly, truly happy:

Now, handles or not handles? ..maybe a few of each ?