I am completely new to this..new to the world of fat quarters, but I do think I get it ..it is a bundle of infinite options, possibilities, magic combinations and future projects waiting to be ... and THAT it is rather exciting! We just got a batch of Fat quarters delivered to my studio. Each bundle has 20 pieces, one of each design from my fabric collection, Echo. Each piece measures 18x21 inches. We have received a limited order of these fat quarters from the factory and now you can order your bundle by clicking here. We ship in Usa for one flat fee of $8 (no matter how many things you buy ) and for international orders we split this bundle up so it ships more flat: that way shipping costs are more cost effective for you. Now, I would love to learn more about this world of fat quarters..from YOU. I have seen wonderful proof of your brilliant ideas and your sewing projects online and on my Facebook page. Many beautiful things to treasure and cherish. I am amazed by what you all make out of my fabrics. It makes me very happy to see. Now I am hoping to see and learn more...by announcing a contest! Please share with me your most creative fat quarter project. What have you made with a Lotta Jansdotter bundle? - Many brilliant things I bet. Do you wanna show me your results? The Winner will receive a nice box filled with - Lotta Jansdotter sewing books, a Rowenta travel Iron (my favorite), more LJ fabrics and some other surprise Lotta Jansdotter bits and bobs.

I also will give away away some sweet prices for the three runner ups. Are you Interested? Yeah!

Please submit your images and a few words about it to : lottajansdotter@gmail.com We will announce our winner on 2 April 2012.