We are really looking forward to Lotta’s Åland Print Workshop Retreat (AWR) and having you be a part of this unique opportunity to visit Lotta’s homeland with us.

Please note: Because the AWR involves advanced preparation of materials, catering, and instruction, and because there are expenses associated with planning for each guest, this workshop is non-refundable. Please plan thoughtfully to avoid any confusion or scheduling conflicts before you register.


A non-refundable deposit of US$1600 USD is due upon confirmation of your place in the workshop. Final payment is due by February 15th 2020. Cancellations after February 15th are fully non-refundable. All individual cancellations must be made in writing and are effective upon receipt. Lotta Jansdotter will do everything we can to find a replacement if dire circumstances prevent you from attended AWR. If this is possible, we will be happy to refund your fee, less US$500 and any fees associated with the refund. Please note that if a replacement cannot be secured, the workshop is fully non-refundable. Lotta Jansdotter does not guarantee that a replacement will be found.


Lotta Jansdotter reserves the right to cancel AWR at any time for any reason, including if there are too few participants, or if the quality of the trip or the safety of travelers is assessed by Lotta Jansdotter, in our sole discretion, to be compromised. In such cases, a refund of payments received by Lotta Jansdotter shall constitute full and final settlement. Lotta Jansdotter is not responsible for any loss incurred on account of non-refundable or non-transferable air tickets. Travel insurance is highly recommended.

Please make sure you can make it and have read the workshop description throughly before you register. If you have any questions before registration feel free to contact us here.



The terms “LJ” “we” and “our” refer to Lotta Jansdotter, a USA corporation, which offers and will operate the Aland Workshop Retreat “AWR” listed herein. This trip is offered subject to LJ’s terms and conditions. Please read the terms and conditions carefully prior to completing your registration. Some of these terms and conditions are set out below to draw your attention to the fact that our obligations to you are limited.

Once the trip begins, we will do everything possible to ensure your enjoyment, and we rely on you to tell us if something is not working. We look forward to a successful workshop retreat together, and we hope that you sit back, relax and get ready for a lovely experience.


All travelers assume the responsibility to ensure the workshop is appropriate to their physical abilities and interests. Travelers are responsible for being in sufficiently good health to undertake their trip; for obtaining the appropriate medical and cancellation insurance; for studying all pre-departure information; and for acting in a manner considerate of fellow travelers and the countries visited. Travelers assume full responsibility for all risks, including (but not limited to) any loss, injury, death or damage to them, their family or their dependents arising in connection with their participation, or the participation of their family, in the trips, and for ensuring that they have adequate insurance coverage to cover any loss.


Any form of travel contains inherent risks and medical facilities and services may not be easily accessible. There are other risks associated with the trip, such as theft or loss of or damage to property. Some of the services provided in connection with AWR, including lodging, transportation, food service, and activities, are obtained from independent suppliers over whom LJ has no control.

Although LJ endeavors to choose appropriate independent suppliers to provide its services, LJ has no right to control their operations and therefore makes travel arrangements for the trips on the condition that LJ will not be liable for any act or omission of any independent supplier or any unrelated third party. The services provided by independent suppliers are subject to the laws of the place where the services are provided, and any conditions imposed by those suppliers. The liability of the independent suppliers may be limited by their tariffs, conditions of carriage, tickets and vouchers, and international conventions and agreements.

Travelers further agree that they will indemnify and hold LJ harmless in respect of any claims arising in connection with the trip made by: i) third parties, which arise from the misconduct of the travelers; ii) the traveler’s family members, dependents or heirs, iii) third parties, which the traveler, their estate, their family members, dependents or heirs have sued, if damages are recovered from such third parties, to the extent the third party obtains any indemnification from LJ; except where the loss, injury, death or damage is caused by the reckless or fraudulent conduct on the part of LJ, or their employees, guides, shareholders, officers or directors.

LJ reserves the right to decline accepting or retaining any traveler whose health or actions in LJ’s sole judgment impede the operation of a trip or the welfare or enjoyment of fellow travelers.

please contact us here with any questions!